ClickFunnel Review: ClickFunnels vs Leadpages Which Suits You Best?

ClickFunnel Review: ClickFunnels vs Leadpages Which Suits You Best?

A landing page is designed to collect and convert traffic for an online marketing campaign. A required element by online marketers for any types of business. With so many tools to use for page enhancement, finding one is a difficult task. Here’s a detailed comparison of ClickFunnel vs. Leadpages that might sound helpful.

ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages

Before we tackle every detail, we must know that both of these tools providers are awesome in their own way. Each tool has a specific purpose but there are features that tell differences. In this ClickFunnel review, I will be going to diversify each tool and see which one suits you best. I will also cover the following;

  • ClickFunnel’s benefits, features, and pricing
  • Leadpages and its advantages, features, and pricing

Are you ready to know how this funnel page works? Let’s get started.

ClickFunnel and Its Benefits

To be able to have a great webpage you must build an email autoresponder, website hosting and more. ClickFunnel is an excellent tool provider that offers a unified package. It provides all the core elements needed to have a working and effective sales funnel. ClickFunnel renders the best landing page building tool which is easy and spontaneous. ClickFunnel page provides a built-in template that you can customize the way you see fit.

Benefits of Using ClickFunnel

There are many businesses benefited this software and considered this as a real deal. But, for anyone who has not discovered it yet, here’s a few Click Funnel benefits that might interest you.

  • It is flexible allowing easy editing and modification in a matter of few clicks.
  • It gives you an opportunity to easily set up funnel pages, a huge time saver.
  • It provides professionally designed templates including major email and payment system.
  • It is a one-stop solution, an A/B testing, campaign reviews, analytics, and funnel performance as conversion.
  • It delivers automated webinars, payment gateways, membership features and many more.

Mind to take a look of disadvantage factors? Well, see if this is something that you can still consider.

  • It won’t allow you to host your video (try, YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms)
  • It offers limited access for the basic plan
  • It is a bit expensive for someone who starts a small business
  • It has a wide range of features to understand and tons of coaching program which might be intimidating to some people.

ClickFunnel Features

If you happened to ask why do I need a ClickFunnel? Then, I must say that it is because it provides everything you need for a magical landing page. There are many pre-developed features for you which makes it outstanding among other funnel pages such as;

Funnel Page for Every Industry – it doesn’t matter what your product and services are there’s a perfect funnel for your business. You can build a marketing campaign in a matter of minutes. Which means that you can save time fussing with the technical side and focus your customers.

Hosting and Domain for FREE – you don’t need to pay for your webhost as they’ve got you covered. ClickFunnels is hosted with a free domain.

Easy Drag and Drop Design – is one of the most convenient features of ClickFunnel. You don’t have to struggle to build an impressive landing page. You can use your mouse and keyboard to create a professional design through drag and drop editor.

Email Automation – is one of a few options that make email marketing simple. You can integrate with almost any email autoresponder service that you want. Whatever your email marketing needs, ClickFunnel got you covered.

Backpack – is giving you an opportunity to add an affiliate program through its pre-designed templates. It allows you to expand your audience level without so much stress. Like, you don’t need to hire programmers to run your funnel page. You are secure with ClickFunnel.

ClickFunnel Pricing

With so many ClickFunnel Benefits you get you might be wondering how much that it cost. If you want to get the cheapest plan, its $97 a month. It allows you to create 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors only. Whereas if you get for a $297 a month you can create your own affiliate program and use as many features as you can. You can choose a yearly plan which you can get a huge discount. You can also try its free trial that allows you to test the software before you grab any deals.

Now that we have a detailed overview of ClickFunnel. Let’s see how LeadPages works

LeadPages and Its Advantage

LeadPages speaks the name itself. It is a software that helps you capture leads and boost your conversion rate to a great extent. It is a provider of great tools that allows you to create a landing page the way you dreamed of.

LeadPages made a number of customers in a short period of time. All claimed satisfied with its offers and enjoy every advantage like as follows;

  • Allowing you to embed a live webinar and presentation through its template.
  • An automatic re-direction of traffic that land on your landing page.
  • Wide access to professionally designed drag and drop templates.
  • A drag and drop editor to customize templates that meet your standard.
  • Giving you a landing page designs that work in mobile and compatible with social media platforms.
  • An abrupt response from its reliable customer service for your inquiries.

According to some users, the only drawback of Leadpages is the free templates which have poor designs. Meaning, you need to buy one or get a plan to grab a great template for your landing page. Now, let’s take a look inside and see what’s in store for us.

LeadPages Features

LeadPages is equipt with tons of feature to use in your website for an extreme makeover. With all those powerful tools offered, we gathered a few that allows you to gained revenue.

Drag and Drop Editor – is the best tools that allow you to create the best landing page in an instant. It does not need you to be tech savvy or any designs skills. You will be given an opportunity to re-arrange, add elements into the specific drop zone. Also, you can add cool widgets like the Countdown timer and Checkout features to your page.

LeadPages Templates – there are many it to choose from. Each one is design for setting up About me page, FB landing page, and many other pages that you can think of.

Lead Boxes Editor– is one of the easiest features that help you add pop-up and opt-ins on your website. You will have full control to design your lead boxes. You can take advantage of these tools to boost your conversion rate.

Analytics and Performance tracking – this features allows you to figure out what works for your audience. Also, with its analytics dashboard, a/b split test, and conversion rate, you can optimize your marketing campaigns.

LeadPages Pricing

LeadPages offers a simple pricing structure, where you can use particular features at a certain pricing tier. In other words, you need to check out the pricing list to determine what fits your needs. But, for those who are not yet comfortable with its process, you can try a free 14-days trial that allows you to experience its product and services. Afterward, you can choose any pricing methods like;


Standard pricing allows limited yet useful access. The standard pricing tier is $37 a month. You can access the LeadPages and Leadboxes and a few extra features.


Pro pricing tier is $79 a month which allows you to access all extra features. Some people opt to Pro pricing for it is way convenient than standard.

Advance Annual

Advance Annual pricing is $199 a month which gives you more access and template. Businesses who want to have sub-account and more advanced features opt to advance annual pricing scheme.

ClickFunnel vs. LeadPages Customer Support

Typically, “customer support” is our major concerned when diving in any other marketing software. There are a lot of people failed with its little knowledge to do their own thing and only succeeded when guided well. Compare how Clickfunnel and LeadPages reach its client.


ClickFunnel users are offered “phone support” to all its concern. There are two options to choose such as regular email and phone support that is easy to access.


Leadpages offered email support to all regular members while live chat and email for Pro members. Enterprise members can get phone, live chat, and email support.

Which One is better?

Let’s face it, your page needs help to generates revenue. But, with so many marketing software available online, choosing one could be a daunting task. ClickFunnel and LeadPages are two platforms that have a lot to offer. Both have their strengths and proven their internet marketing background.

For me, CLickFunnel is more convenient and simple to use but to be honest, it depends on what you need for your business. Hopefully, this ClickFunnel review will help you feel confident in using tools and technologies and get good results.

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