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Legendary Marketer

Lengendary Marketer : The Key to Expanding your Online Business

With all of the tutorials and available platforms on the Internet, Like Legendary Marketer or Click Funnels, marketing your products and services has never been easier. But, convenience and availability of resources increased the competition.

No matter what niche or industry you are in, competing with other business owners is always the hardest part.

Since competition is getting tighter by the day, I decided to find something unique to help me improve my marketing campaigns. After months of searching, I found a unique marketing course that changed my life – Legendary Marketer.

There are literally hundreds of different courses on the Internet and there are so many professional marketers who are sharing their knowledge, but what makes Legendary Marketer unique?

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The Man Behind Legendary Marketer

David Sharpe is the man behind Legendary Marketer and he is also one of the most popular Internet Marketers in the world right now. Does the name ring a bell to you?

David Sharpe was one of the CEOs of the Empower Network along with David Wood. If you’ve been in the Internet marketing circle for a long time, you may have heard about their company in the past and how it crashed from top to bottom.

Empower Network crashed and became bankrupt in 2017 and this is something that a lot of marketers know about. It is also the reason why many people were hesitant to try Legendary Marketer. No one wants to trust a marketer who crashed and burned his own business to the ground.

So why did I spend so much time explaining this if the man himself is considered a “Scammer” by other people?

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The Truth About Empower Network and David Sharpe

Legendary Marketer was making waves on the market and I jumped in as soon as I realized how amazing it was. However, before I fully dedicated myself to this amazing program, I did a deep research about David Sharpe. As they said, you can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t rely on negative reviews that you see online. You have to do the research yourself and find out about the truth.

I found out that before Empower Network became bankrupt, David Sharpe has already left the company. David and his ex-business partner decided to call it quits and he went on his way and left the company. The other David run the business and it was the reason why it failed.

David Sharpe was part of the success and he was also part of the failure, but the main point is that the company failed because he was not a part of it anymore. This is when reality hit me. I was so focused on the negative aspects of his life that it almost clouded my judgment. It was a good thing that I did my research and found that this Legendary Marketer affiliate is definitely the real deal.

Legendary Marketer – Is it Right for You?

You are probably intrigued about this question, right? Since it is a course for Internet marketers, it should be available for people who are looking to improve their skills and make more sales in their business.

·        Beginners

If you are just starting and you want to have a good foundation on the best marketing practices, Legendary Marketer is the right choice. Most of the courses are focused on beginners as it would teach all of the core fundamentals that you need in order to succeed in any type of online business you plan to undertake.

·        Intermediate Marketers

Marketers who are looking to grow or expand their business can also get some valuable advice from Legendary Marketer. It is matched perfectly with the concepts of ClickFunnels developed by Russell Brunson so if you are also using the same method, you can definitely improve your current business and make more sales.

·        Affiliate

This is one of the best reasons to opt for Legendary Marketer. Aside from learning a lot of things, this course offers an affiliate program that would allow you to earn money every time you invite someone to try out the course.

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Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

The Legendary Marketer affiliate program is one of the reasons why a lot of people are trying out this training course. All you have to do is to offer the products and courses on the program and you can earn a commission.

Legendary Marketer is considered as a one-level affiliate program, which means that you will only earn money from the people that you brought over to the program and purchased the courses. You don’t need to worry because it is completely different from Multi-level Marketing.

Multi-level marketing is a type of marketing wherein you can earn a commission from the people that you recruited and to the people that they will recruit in the future. The problem with this type of marketing is that most of the income would go directly to the people above. The same people who are running the company.

As you all know, most of the popular MLM companies were already dead. Digital Altitude is one and the Empower Network where David Sharpe came from is also an MLM company. This type of marketing strategy is still profitable, but there have been a lot of issues from the previous companies that many people are hesitant to enter this type of industry.

Through the Legendary Marketer affiliate, you can learn a lot of things about online marketing and you can earn commissions from the people who will sign up under you. Whatever they buy in the program, you will get a commission from it. However, you won’t earn any commission from the people that they will bring to the company.

However, you should be aware that the affiliate program is just the icing on the cake. You can earn a decent amount of money from this, but it won’t help your business flourish. The goal of Legendary Marketer is to help you improve your marketing strategies and bring more customers to your business.

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The Best Things About Legendary Marketer

Although it is always better to experience this by yourself to fully realize what this program can do, I will try to give you some bits and pieces of the best things about Legendary Marketer.

A lot of people have been talking about Legendary marketer scams and other negative things only because they don’t understand what this kind of program can do. When they heard that it is an affiliate program and David Sharpe was behind this amazing course, they all made assumptions that it is another scam.

Let’s have a look at the best features that Legendary Marketer has to offer.

1.     Comprehensive Training

One of the things I like about Legendary Marketer is its comprehensive training. I know most of you have gone through multiple courses already and most of them are just scrambled information that you already know or just some random stuff that are pretty generic.

If you look at Legendary Marketer reviews, you will see that this course provides a complete training that would help you encourage your customers to take actionand buy products from you. It has all the necessary information that you need to create a marketing strategy that converts.

By purchasing the Legendary Affiliate Marketing Book priced at $1.99 along with the Copywriter’s Playbook and 15 Second Leads Training for $1 each, you can already start your online marketing strategies with a punch.

Aside from these training, you can also get access to the 15 Day Online Business Challenge. This is a challenge where you have to follow all of the instructions give to you and achieve something within that 15-day timespan. This is a great way to start because the program forces you to do something immediately.

The Marketer’s Club is also amazing because you can get access to training and interviews of affiliates who are already making 6 to 7 seven figures. There is also a weekly webinar replay where you can learn some of the more advanced marketing concepts. The interviews and training alone are already worth thousands of dollars and you can access them for a very low price.

2.     Great Affiliate Program

We already talked about the affiliate program of Legendary Marketer and why it is the type of affiliate program that marketers wanted. But, have you ever realized that this type of affiliate program is not really focused on the creators of Legendary Marketer?

Before you say something like this affiliate program is not unique or this affiliate program has a lot of flaws, let’s talk about the reasons why this affiliate program is the thing that you are looking for.

·         Focused on marketers: If you look closely at this affiliate program, it is focused more on the marketers because the goal is not really to earn money through this but to learn what’s inside the course.

·         You are paid for your effort: Basically, you have to exert some effort to encourage people to try out this program. They won’t believe you easily so you have to do something that would explain things to them and show them how it really works. If you get someone to sign up and buy the courses, you earn about 55 to 60 percent on all sales.

·         Everyone earns: Compared to MLM companies, this type of marketing layout can help everyone earn. You only earn from the people you invited to try the program and the same goes for the others. The only thing that the people from up the ladder would get is the income from the products that you are selling.

So how does the Legendary Marketer affiliate works?

They would give you access to the sales funnels for the front end offers. What does it mean? You don’t have to create your funnels and you can save a lot of time since you can just integrate them into your account. You can use the funnels as is or you can make some customizations if you think that you can still add more to it.

You can always use standard affiliate links if you are going to promote the offers and it comes with a tracking ID. This would allow you to track where the sales are coming from and who are buying the products.

If you also use GetResponse, SendLane, or Aweber, you can integrate them directly. It means that you can choose to follow up with your leads or let Legendary Marketer do it. If you are not using any of these email services, you don’t need to worry because there are chrome extensions that you can use for this.

3.     Legendary Marketer is Continuously Evolving

As an Internet marketer, we have to adapt to changes. Google will release updates once in a while and it will completely change the landscape of Internet Marketing. The marketing strategies that are working before may suddenly stop working after the update.

Customers are evolving as well and they are becoming smarter. It means that as a marketer, you need to adapt to these changes. The only problem is that adapting to new updates would take time and we usually rely on popular names in the industry to help us understand what is happening and what methods are still working.

Legendary Marketer is completely different because the professionals behind this program are constantly updating it. Weekly live training were included in 2019 and the Tik Tok front-end, as well as the Copywriter’s Playbook, was just added in 2020.

New content are being added to the Marketer’s Club and there is a lot of new information released that would help you adapt to the current standing of the online marketing industry.

The Pandemic completely changed the situation of business owners, with many brick-and-mortar shops closing and huge brand names and companies filing for bankruptcy. Legendary Marketer was unaffected and the people who are currently signed up on this program are enjoying the updates released by professional marketers.

They were able to turn around the situation and found a way to make more sales when everyone else is struggling. Do you think that this Legendary Marketer program is worth it? Definitely!

15 Second Free Leads

A Deeper Look at Legendary Marketer’s Products

We’ve been mentioning the products of Legendary Marketer from the very beginning and after explaining all the things that you can get from this program, it is time to know about the products that you can buy from this platform and how it can help you improve your online business.

1.     Legendary eBook

In the past, David Sharpe had a physical book that you can buy, but it became outdated so it was removed. However, he published an eBook known as the “Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing”. It is one of the cheap products that you can buy for only $1.99.

The book is full of information that would help affiliate marketers and other business owners. Whether you are a newbie or you want to improve your current business and achieve greater heights, this book would be a good start.

2.     Copywriter’s Playbook

The title says it all. This book is made to help you master copywriting and make you more sales. This is a very important skill that every marketer should have because, with good copywriting skills, you can encourage a potential buyer to purchase your products or services.

Instead of hiring a writer and spending hundreds of dollars for an article, you can just use this book and learn everything yourself. Legendary Marketer will help you learn this skill so you won’t have to rely on a writer.

One of the best ways to make more sales is to create a good copy that will convert your leads to paying customers. This book has an 8-module video course that would deal with the different aspects of creating a good copy that converts.

3.     15-Second Free Leads

Did you know that Tik Tok is a good way to drive leads and make more sales through Legendary Marketer? A lot of teenagers are using this application right now, but it is more than just a platform to share your personal videos.

Legendary Marketer managed to fully use these videos to get traction for a short amount of time. Since the videos are very short, it is easier to capture the attention of the viewers so it is a good platform to obtain fast and quality results. This product is only worth $1 and you can already learn how to fully utilize this app for your benefit.

4.     15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

We’ve already mentioned this before and it is one of the best reasons to consider Legendary Marketer. This is a series of lessons that would span for 15 days. It will teach you all the basic concepts of building your online business from scratch.

If you already have an existing business, you don’t need to worry because this online business builder challenge will help correct all of the mistakes that you made and bring you to the right path.

There have been some changes to the challenge and they improved it to help deal with the changing landscape of online marketing. It comes with videos that would explain and teach you all of the concepts of online marketing. I will not go into detail too much about this, but it is meant to help you get started and make the right choices for marketing.

The best thing about this is that there is an assigned business advisor to you that will call you and help you with your concerns. You have your own personal coach that would answer all of your questions and guide you throughout the challenge. They will explain how you can make the most out of this Legendary Marketer program.

This challenge only costs $7 if you will buy it as is, but if you will get the three front-end offers mentioned above, you can access this challenge for free.

5.     Legendary Marketer Club

If you want to scale your business online through digital marketing, this is the thing that you are looking for. It is basically the strategies that you need to get started. It will tell you how to fully utilize Facebook ads, generate leads, and track your sales.

This will also teach you how to use YouTube and Instagram effectively and how to maximize the resources that they are offering, and more.

6.     Traffic University

This is one of the high-ticket products of Legendary Marketer and it is one of the most important things that an affiliate marketer needs to learn. You should know how to gain more traffic and get more clicks on your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketers can make a lot of money through traffic and through this product, you can learn how to use the paid traffic strategies available right now.

7.     Legendary Builder Masterclass

This program will cover all of the core concepts of creating an online business. It includes telling your backstory and improving your presentation skills. This masterclass can also help improve your leadership skills and help you understand the best strategies to get more leads and close sales.

8.     Legendary Leader Masterclass

This class is about brand presence and it will teach how you can become a leader. This program will help you understand all of the best tips on how you can make more than 7 figures. There are also a lot of talks and interviews coming from successful online business owners and Internet marketers around the globe.


Legendary Marketer is more than just a simple program to help you learn how to market your products and services. This is like a complete program to help you start your business, make more sales, and expand.

I can understand that you are still hesitant, but doing so will only limit your capabilities. Although there are a lot of free tutorials on the Internet, they are only teaching about surface knowledge. If you want deeper and more comprehensive techniques, Legendary Marketer will help you learn everything and make your business successful.

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